Major Crimes Unit investigating after man shot near Winnipeg police headquarters

Photo by Northern Plains Freelancer.
Members of the Major Crimes Unit stand in front of the entrance at Graham Avenue tower where a projectile struck the building. (Photo: Northern Plains Freelancer)

Man shot near downtown police headquarters

The Winnipeg Police Major Crimes Unit is investigating a shooting that happened overnight behind a Hotel in the 200 block of Smith Street.

At approximately 1:10 a.m., an officer was leaving the police headquarters building on Graham street when he heard the sound of shots fired.

A shooting occurred in the back lane behind the St. Regis Hotel. (Photo: Northern Plains Freelancer)

An investigation determined that the shooting occurred in a back lane behind the old St. Regis Hotel where officers found evidence a firearm had been discharged, along with evidence that a person had been injured.

Police found bullet casings and blood behind the St. Regis Hotel. (Photo: Northern Plains Freelancer)

At around 1:40 a.m., a male in his 20’s went to a Winnipeg hospital with a gunshot wound in the upper-body.

Police also found evidence that the Graham Avenue tower which is connected to the police headquarters building had been struck by a projectile during the incident.

The investigation is continuing.