Man arrested for threats against RCMP on social media

RCMP Vehicle.

Manitoba RCMP have arrested a man who was found with an assortment of weapons after threats were made against officers on social media.

On November 13, RCMP discovered several serious threats directed at police, which were posted on a public social media account. An investigation was immediately initiated, which led police to a 30-year-old suspect from the RM of Fisher.

Officers from the Fisher Branch RCMP checked several locations, but could not locate the suspect.

The next day, officers responded to a collision on Tache Street. It was determined that one of the persons involved was the suspect. He was arrested and found to be in possession of six knives. A search of his vehicle was conducted and two swords, ammunition and several notebooks were seized.

Subsequently, a search warrant was obtained on his residence and officers seized a rifle, ammunition, computers and cellphones.

Brian Hrominchuk was arrested for uttering threats, dangerous driving, possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, unauthorized possession of a firearm, and unsafe storage of firearms.

RCMP continue to investigate.